Zizzy Slipper Socks

Submitted by Regev on Tue, 04/25/2023 - 12:31 CEST

Looking for a quick and easy pattern for crochet slippers? Look no further!
The Zizzy Slipper Socks pattern uses basic stitches and is very beginner-friendly. There's even a video tutorial, so you can follow along with the written pattern and make sure you understand every step.

Crocheting for the men in your life

Submitted by Regev on Sun, 08/08/2021 - 18:00 CEST

One of the questions I encounter most often in the crochet world is - what can I crochet for men? Truly, the only thing harder than buying something for a man in your life is making something for them! We all know a beanie and scarf set is the safest bet, but then again - how many of these sets can one person have? And once you already decided on a project, how do you choose a stitch pattern, color and type of yarn which is most suitable for their need? Well, today I'm here to give you my 2 cents and try help you solve the mystery.