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Crochet for men

One of the questions I encounter most often in the crochet world is - what can I crochet for men? Truly, the only thing harder than buying something for a man in your life is making something for them! We all know a beanie and scarf set is the safest bet, but then again - how many of these sets can one person have? And once you already decided on a project, how do you choose a stitch pattern, color and type of yarn which is most suitable for their need? Well, today I'm here to give you my 2 cents and try help you solve the mystery.

What item to make?
As I've said, beanie and scarf are always the safest bet, but for those of you looking for other options, here are some ideas I've come up with:

1. Necktie
If the person you're crocheting for wears a tie to work, or often attends events requiring formal attire, a crochet tie would be a good gift idea. Put a personal touch on an otherwise dull accessory. This is the kind of fun present that a guy can be proud to wear. It may be a little funky but also a neat handmade token of your affection.
You can try this Skinny Tie, or give this Tunisian Crochet Tie a go.

2. Golf club covers
Is your loved one a golfer? Why not make them some golf club covers! They can be simple ones, whimsical with a wink or even personalized ones. From the serious to the laugh out loud covers, there are plenty of great ideas for putting a personal touch on this useful item.
Try this free pattern for crochet Golf Club Covers And Towel Set, or take a look at this awesome Amigurumi Golf Club Covers book.

3. Can Cosies
Crocheted can cozies are a fun, quick project that you can complete in less than an hour. It is an item to take with you to the beach or the lake to keep your beverage cold while you enjoy the outdoors. In addition to being a great gift for men, these are also a great stash-busting project or something you can make using scraps. You can keep them plain, use different colors to make stripes, or even personalize them!
Try this free pattern with video tutorial for football fans, go simple with this stripe pattern, or go full on humoristic with this one.

4. Hats
There is more to crochet hats than just the normal beanie. If you're ready to branch out to some new kinds of hats, and the men you crochet for are a bit more adventurous, there is a whole world of cowboy hats, fedoras, berets and newsboy-hats for you to make!
Try this unisex Fedora that you can always steal for yourself, or take a swing at this Cowboy Hat Crochet Pattern.

5. Gloves
I know gloves are a tricky accessory, which is why most people choose to crochet them fingerless or as mittens. But if you want to show the men you crochet for that you really care for them - make them real gloves to keep them warm and cosy. Working on this type of project will also be good for you as a crocheter, to better your skills and make your method more precise.
These Basic Men’s Crochet Gloves are easy to make and also come with a video tutorial. You can also try these Jersey Mitts, which are about halfway between gloves and fingerless gloves.

6. Slippers
Every guy needs a good pair of slippers - something to relax in around the house. You can go full on crochet or use leather or rubber soles for the more polished look. In today's world, when many work from home, slippers are the best home-office wearable item!
This unisex slippers pattern is free and easy to make! Want a more winter-leisure day worthy pattern? Try this one. And if you're into the clean and classic look, check out this pattern.

7. Tablet/Phone Case
In today's digital world, we all have a collection of devices we carry with us everyday or when we travel. Tablet and phone sleeves help protect these devices from scratches and bums and make them easier to transport from one place to another. Most of these crochet patterns a very easy and quick to make, which makes them the perfect last-minute gift project. Much like the can cosies, they are a great stash-buster or scraps project.
Check out this Crochet iPad Sleeve, or this Customizable Tablet Case. If you fancy some colorwork, try the Tie Tablet Cover.

8. Fandom and special interests
If the men in your life have some special hobbies or if they are fans of a specific sports team, TV show or movie series, crocheting items related to their interest is always a great idea. This is where amigurumi of their favorite characters, graphgans and team color items come to play.
For musicians, for example, you can make anything with music notes on it or a colorwork graph of the instrument they play. For photographers - Camera strips and lens protection bags. For those who like to cook - Aprons, grill set cases, knife set carry case and crochet hair-nets.
The ideas in this category are endless! Just let your creative juices flow.

9. Humoristic Adult Content Items
For men with a good sense of humor, there are some very funny adult content patterns out there. Anything from crochet willie warmers to alcohol themed wearables - yes! Those actually exist! When the person on the receiving end has a good whimsical spirit, this kind of crocheted gift is sure to put a big smile on their face.
Some examples for such projects can be found here, here and here.


What colors to use?
Men can sometimes be very picky about the colors they wear. Not all of them are open to wearing all colors of the rainbow. When choosing what yarn colors to use for your project, you should of course consider if the person the gift is meant for would wear these colors or not.
To help choose what colors to use, you can always ask or just try to think what colors you normally see them wearing. If you are not sure, it might be easier to think what colors you NEVER see them wearing, and then work a process of elimination.
If they have a certain sports team they cheer for, maybe go for the team's color? Or maybe their school/collage/university or company colors? These could all direct you to the right color of yarn.

Men's crochet scarf in a variegated yarn

What stitch patterns to use?
Just like with colors, the stitch pattern is something men can get very hard-headed about as well. In that case, I would recommend sticking to simple stitches or ones that create some sort of geometric pattern.
In simple words - stay away from open mesh, lacy stitches and different kinds of fan stitches.
Go for the waffle stitch, wave stitches, ribbed stitches, flat stitches with texture such as the lemon peel stitch or the moss stitch, and generally ones that give a cohesive look but not to busy.
When making men's beanies, scarves, vests and sweaters consider using cable stitches for a classic timeless look. If you work with a solid color cables will pop out and give the finished object a polished and high-end look.

Men's crochet beanie in the Belgian Waffle stitch

What else is important?
It is important to remember, no matter what you make, that just like women, and maybe even a little more, men like to be comfortable. Whatever you make them, make sure it isn't too tight, and pay attention to the materials you use.
Remember that men tend to have oilier skin and they sweat more than women. Choose breathable materials, which aren't itchy or too complicated to keep. I would recommend staying away from 100% wool, unless it is alpaca or another hypoallergenic fiber. Try to find blends, and preferably ones with as little halo as possible. No halo at all is better!
I would also take into consideration that men items generally get more use and "wear and tear" than women items, and so try not to use or make anything to delicate, or something which requires extra special care.

I hope these tips and advices helped you with choosing your next project! If they did, I would love to hear. Tell me all about it in the comments!

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