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Do you like to spot crochet items in movies and TV shows? I always get very excited when I see a crochet item in the frame. Whether it is worn by one of the main characters or just a decorative item in the room - it doesn't matter, it catches my eye immediately. If you do the same - join me as we go through some of the most iconic crochet items to have appeared on our screen, and also some less known ones...

In one of the most iconic moments in cinema history, young Elliott and his friends ride their bikes in attempt to save E.T. from the government agents who are trying to capture him.
Elliott is in the lead, with E.T. in his bicycle basket, and his friends are riding along on their bikes. The government is in hot pursuit. The music swells. The boys hit a roadblock and are surrounded by many federal agents. It looks like it's "Game Over". But wait! E.T. does his thing, and all five boys, their bikes, and E.T. take to the sky and away from the authorities. 
This unforgettable scene leaves the viewer short of breath, and is so striking that it has been printed, painted recreated thousands of times... But one thing always remains the same - E.T. is wrapped in a crochet blanket!
It isn't a fancy blanket. It is a beige-grayish color in a very simple stitch - and yet there isn't a person on earth who hasn't seen it. As a crocheter, this makes me very proud. It also shows us, the fiber arts community, that a blanket doesn't have to have a fancy design to be special. What matters is the person (or creature) it is made for!

One of the most iconic moments in the history of cinema - E.T. Bike scene

Harry Potter
The Harry Potter film series, based on the top-selling book series by J. K. Rowling, includes eight films - and crochet items are featured in each and every one of them! It is hard to point out specific items, as there are so many of them. However, I would like to point out two specific characters who wear more crochet items than the rest, and look absolutely fabulous while doing it.
First up - Luna Lovegood. Luna is one of my personal favorite characters in the Harry Potter magical world. She is unique, doesn't conform, strong spoken and sticks to her own. She also has a wonderful sense of fashion! Two very striking crochet items in her wardrobe are her lacey crochet scarf, and her light purple crochet cardigan. Both items have inspired crocheters around the world to create their own versions, and patterns can be found all over the internet. But try as you might, you'll never wear them quite as good as Luna...

A lacy long scarf - Luna Lovegood

A simple cardigan makes the difference - Luna Lovegood

The second character in the films to rock some amazing crochet outfits is none other than Mrs. Weasley. She is a strong and opinionated character, and no one can tell her what to do - or wear for that matter!
Her most memorable outfit is the extravagant bell-sleeved sweater. The sleeves, in all colors of the rainbow and different crochet stitches, are what makes this outfit pop. Potter head crocheters have been trying to re-create this striking outfit, but no one can quite come close to the real deal...

No one can wear it as good as her - Mrs. Weasley

The Hunger Games
Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games trilogy is a strong woman, both mentally and physically. She doesn't really have a choice in becoming the hero, but she accepts it and then later on owns it and lead her people in their fighting for freedom and equality.
She is a role model not only in her character and her actions, but also in her sense of fashion. The so called "Katniss Cowl" is an item many crochet and knit designers attempt to re-create. It is a simple design, made in bulky yarn, which is both fashionable and functional. Katniss is the master of archery, and so the cowl goes over one shoulder, without disturbing her movement while reaching for arrows and shooting them.
Another interesting crochet item she wears, is a color-block sweater in black, brown and grey. This outfit was worn by her in the second movie in the series - "Catching Fire". After the cowl she wore in the first movie, it was expected that any crochet item she wears will be a big hit amongst the fans. However, this specific item was somehow left behind or overlooked by the crochet community. It is sad, since its design is much more interesting and its construction is more complex than the cowl. It is something which can easily be worn today and not look like a costume.

Beautiful, fashionable and functional at the same time - The "Katniss Cowl"

Sadly overlooked by the fans - "Catching Fire" color block sweater

Cloud Atlas
Tom Hanks and Halle Berry together in the same movie? YES! Tom Hanks and Halle Berry together on screen wearing crochet items? YES, PLEASE!!!
"Cloud Atlas" came out in October 2012 and quickly became one of those "You either like it, or you don't" films. There's almost no outspoken opinions about it which put it in the "middle". When it first came out, critics were polarized as well, causing the film to be included on various "Best Film" and "Worst Film" lists.
However, one thing is undisputed - the costume work on the film was phenomenal! Tom Hanks (who is my personal favorite actor) is totally rocking a dark blue and grey poncho/shawl, running through the forest, climbing icy mountain tops and saving a little girl, who is also dressed in a crochet garment! I'm not sure how many times they had to wash his outfit to get it to look as saggy and beaten as it is, but it totally works!

Saggy and beaten but still looks great in every shot - Tom Hanks in his crochet poncho/shawl

Meanwhile, his co-star Halle Berry looks amazing in every single outfit you put her in. Well, what did you expect? It's Halle Berry. But out of all the different costumes, one item caught my crocheter eye - the chevron scarf in 70's look. This is a scarf which can totally still work today as part of your everyday outfit. A timeless design - who doesn't need a chevron scarf in their wardrobe? It is also quite an simple design, something us crocheters can easily make, which is exactly what I did after I watched the movie!

Timeless design - Halle Berry wearing a chevron scarf

Sweet November
This romantic drama takes place in San Francisco during the month of November, the end of Autumn. Starring in the movie are Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron. As one might expect, there are plenty of scarves, beanies and sweaters being worn by the different characters.
My personal favorite items are the open mesh crochet scarves/shawls worn by the female lead. She has one orange, one in light green and one dark grey, and they all look fabulous on her! As a crocheter, I appreciate the simple pattern and of course my first thought was - I can make that! We should all have an open-mesh scarf in our wardrobe, they are the perfect item for the times of year when it isn't quite warm but also not too cold. A must-have item indeed.

A must have item - Charlize Theron wearing an open mesh scarf

This time with fringe - Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in Sweet November

Legally Blonde
Not only human characters get to wear crochet on the big screen. In this 2001 comedy, there is one adorable star, who gets to wear a different adorable outfit in each scene. I'm talking, of course, about Bruiser Woods - the Chihuahua. Whoever designed the dog costumes for this film did an amazing job, no doubt. In one particular scene, both dog and main actress Reese Witherspoon rock crochet items and it is hard to decide which one of them wears it better, because they both look absolutely fabulous!

Dogs can look good in crochet too - Legally Blonde

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Here is an example of another crochet item that is present during a critical scene. And not just any scene - the end of the world. In this apocalyptic comedy-drama, the two main characters go through both a mental and physical journey as they prepare for the end of all life on planet Earth.
In the final scene of the movie (and let's face it, this isn't a spoiler, the title of the movie pretty much gives out the ending), both main characters lay in bed together and comfort each other as an asteroid hits the earth. And what blanket are the covered in? That's right! A crochet blanket! It looks like a one-of-a-kind free form crochet blanket, one which probably took a long time to make, with great attention to details. We don't know the history of this specific blanket from the script, but as crocheters we can appreciate that it most likely was a labor of love. If I was to choose a blanket to wrap myself in while preparing for the end of the world, I would have probably chosen a similar one, with some serious sentimental value. Wouldn't you?

Freeform crochet - Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

The best item to wrap yourself in when the world is ending - Crochet blanket

The Hobbit
I did not expect to see any crochet in this type of movie, so I was pleasantly surprised when it appeared as a comic remark at very first part of the trilogy. In this scene, young Bilbo's house is invaded by a group of dwarfs, who make a huge mess, a lot of noise and touch all of his things, which makes Bilbo extremely uncomfortable. As Bilbo is running around trying to understand what is going on and put some things back to place, he finds one of the dwarfs using a doily as a dish cloth. The first time I watched the movie, the line "Excuse me, that is a doily, not a dishcloth!" made me laugh so hard! It was as if one of the writers sneaked in a crocheter's inner joke. It's nice to know even Hobbits use doilies, isn't it?

Was one of the writers a crocheter? - The Hobbit

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
No list of crochet items on the big screen would be complete without at least one baby blanket in it. There are many examples, but one of my personal favorites is the filet-crochet baby blanket in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". I like it because it is a classical design, which reminds me a lot of the kind of blankets and filet-crochet work my grandmother used to make. It is a design which will work in any color, and will be perfect for a baby shower gift, even today! It is timeless, which, coincidently, works perfectly with the theme of this film...

A timeless classic design - Filet-Crochet baby blanket

I hope you enjoyed this short run-down of selected crochet moments on the big screen. There are really countless examples, all you have to do is keep an eye out. If you have only recently started crocheting, you might enjoy going back and watching films you haven't watched in a while, and suddenly discover all the hidden crochet items in them.
Tell me in the comments about some of your best crochet in movies finds!

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