Yarn Review - Metallico (Hobbii)

Submitted by Regev on Mon, 10/11/2021 - 10:35 CEST
Metallico Yarn

Metallico is a soft and shiny yarn like no other! You can find this yarn on the Hobbii website, along it's sibling - Metallico fine, which is a thinner version of the same yarn. It is a soft and lovely yarn that really catches the eye with its beautiful, satin shine. Metallico is made from polyamide fiber, that’s encased by a fluffy, lightly brushed mix of merino wool and soft acrylic. It can be used for the whole family - including those with more delicate skin since the yarn doesn’t itch or scratch at all!
You can make any kind of wearable. I used it to make my Moving Sands Beanie, which turned out beautifully!
Watch my full review here:


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